The Rules

As with all events, AGS meets come with their own sets of rules to make sure you and everyone else has a great time. Please take the time to read this page, as failure to comply with these simple rules may see you kicked off the meeting site! Eek!

All laws of the country in which the event takes place must be abided by. If this means not purchasing alcohol until a certain age, or smoking etc. then it must be followed. Failure to do so could result in action by law enforcement, which would be out of our hands.

Verbal abuse or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Anyone found fighting with another member of the group will be turned away, and if necessary the local law enforcement will be contacted.

The property in which the event takes place must be looked after by all attendees. Some camp sites ask that people are quiet from 11PM onwards, and so all attendees must acknowledge this and any similar rules.

Any forms of theft and / or vandalism will be treated very seriously. We also reserve the right to ban attendees from future events. Basically, if you screw it up for everyone else, you ain't coming back, son.