What is Mittens?

Mittens is a gathering of AGS developers who wish to meet up with other people with the same interest as them - creating adventure games!

Why the name Mittens?

Captain Mostly thought up the name. It's not an acronym, it's just a silly word.

What is Brittens?

Brittens a smaller scale version of Mittens, held in Britain. It was originally started in 2004 when Mittens was held in America - which was too far and expensive to travel for some - so Britain was chosen as a cheaper destination for some Europeans.

What is Lapaset?

Lapaset is a small meet held occasionally in Finland. It tends to attract AGS members from Scandinavian countries and surrounding parts of Europe.

What is [insert event name]?

The other events are mostly one offs, and are explained in more detail on their individual pages.

How old do I have to be?

AGS meets are open to all AGS users over the age of 18.

Can I bring a friend?

If they sign up and show interest in adventure game creation, then we don't see why not! We don't however want you bringing your parents etc. Meets are open to responsible, mature individuals. Some meets have limited spaces though, so non community members or newer members might be the first to get rejected. If your parents wish to speak to a responsible party beforehand then please contact us via the forums.

How much does it cost?

There's no charge from us to attend Mittens. However you'll sometimes have to pay for your own accomodation, and will always have to pay your travel and living expenses. Check out each year's planning thread (linked on upcoming events' info pages) on the AGS forums for more detail about each event's costs.

What are the rules?

Check out the rules page.

What if I break something?

Chances are you'll have to pay for it! But the same thing applies everywhere, doesn't it? Also check out the disclaimer page too.