Why should I be ashamed of my dinosaur?! - AGA, about his dinosaur tramp stamp

In a fight between me and a cock, I'm confident who'd win - Disco, totally not talking about a rooster

I like these intercourse pictures - Andail

Andail: that water is not controlled, but may have anti ageing properties
violetnotpurple: so we would be reverse Benjamin Buttoning?
Disco: "reverse Benjamin Buttoning" is just 'ageing'...

I'm not grumpy, fuck you all - AGA

Are you thrusting your groin in my face? - AGA to raeff

Is that loaded? - Esseb, after Disco handed him a water squirting pool toy

Do you want to put it in? - raeff to Esseb

USB stick? I thought you said 'used pee stick' - violetnotpurple

I'm only good at things that are things - Andail

For once my having very limited maths skills has helped - Abby somehow wins a hand of blackjack with only two points

CJ imagines a conversation with his doctor, not realising impotence and infertility involve very different things.
Doctor: Mr Jones, perhaps you should sit down. I'm afraid you're impotent.
CJ: Yes! Best news ever!!

Spies, open our eyes - Snarky, playing Resistance, accidentally gives away his spy status before the game even starts properly

I've used the bidet, but I've only been urinating in it - Disco

I wonder if Disco will put it on his head... Oh, yes he will - Andail

violetnotpurple: where do Dutch people come from?
Everyone: Dutchland!

violetnotpurple: I have a dream of starting a Noah's Ark buffet, serving two of every animal.
Esseb: You should get a male and a female.

People in wheelchairs should not be taken to the front of the queue, because of anyone is good at queueing, it's them - CJ