We saw some beautiful transsexuals today - Creed Malay

If you died choking on the queen's vomit, you'd probably get compensated - Esseb

Is this a fashion magazine or a porno magazine? - Kim

CJ: he'll never recalculate me!
Christopher Walken GPS, a second later: recalculating, gimme a minute!

I hate the Pope. How can he be so anti common sense?! - CJ, shouting in an Italian bar

Esseb: does Italy have an independence day?
CJ: what, from the Romans?

Le tette? - Mods, loudly, near a table of young womenMine can do it four times and it's tiny! - CJ

We haven't had a proper mafia experience yet, have we? - CJ

Buffalo Bill! - Bartender of the Blue Bar, pointing at Davy's beard

Kim: you can't take a dead baby on the plane
Creed_Malay: then where will I put all the cocaine?

I have had five beers. I am drunk enough to do terrible things to farm animals. - Grundislav

How do you say dildo in Italian? - Grundislav