One day you're gonna die - Tier to Disco after Disco eventually managed to clamber back to safety after climbing out onto a tree hanging over a river

I'm prepared to pay the driver a fair wage just to come - CJ, surprisingly not talking about prostitution

Matthew Kelly was never gay when I was a kid - scotch, completely randomly and with no obvious context

On average are women thicker than men? - CJ

He could have just got the bus - CJ doesn't really get the song I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

I grabbed a rabbit once in the wild, but it was spastic - scotch

Imagine going up to a ninety year old woman and saying 'hey, you wanna rock out on my dick?' - Disco

My face is quite the sticky mess - Jake

AGA (to Creed): you've got the body of a twink but the face of a bear
CJ: he's got the body of a chink?

It's not paedophilia if it's with the same sex, is it? - CJ