Astronaut Farmer - the silly title of the Brits' inflight movie from London to Toronto

If I stare at it hard enough, I'm hoping it'll move to the right - Kevbot studies the atlas, trying to make the Mittens cabin be less far away

So here now is Canadian?
Ah! Congratulations! - CJ

Was Elijah Wood's character supposed to be gay in Lord of the Rings? - CJ

Is Scott up yet? Let's go arouse him - CJ

I'm like a worm factory today - CJ

Games don't kill - children do - CJ

I was quite impressed with that... Tom Hanks? place - CJ confuses the name of Tim Hortons coffee

Yeah, I'm a man now! - Pesty, chopping wood

What's the number for 911 in Canada? - CJ

This horse needs a boner! - Jess

Tom Hopkins
Tom Hanks
Tony Hopkins
Tom Hawkins
- CJ trying to say 'Tim Hortons'

Tom Robbins? The doughnut guy? - CJ mistakes the author of Skinny Legs and All for the doughnut guy

Boy, God's an asshole - Grundislav

Pesty: BASIC is a language associated with what?
CJ: Native Americans?

Remember: murder is always an option, just like in real life - The Ivy

Birds are like terrorists - CJ

Science and religion are the same thing - CJ

Aw, I should have given the zebras striped penises! - Jess

You got a big mouth!
I'm comin' over now!
- Random guy who used Jess' cell phone at a Schenectady gas station

Crazy Lady: Did you walk on the white squares?!
Pesty: No...
CL: Good!
- Crazy lady (with bent coat hanger in back-pack) in Science Centre

You tell these boys to stop having such a good time!
Oh, I'm just kidding, I love to see people having fun!
- Wal-Mart cashier

Toilet... cat... boob - Joey

My mom's tit dispenses maple syrup - Quintaros - the other dispenses milk

AGSer: How can you not know what colour your eyes are?!
CJ: Because I'm not a woman!

You have to make mixed drinks twice as strong, otherwise they don't show up on film - Kevbot

Museum Lady: Can I stamp your forehead?
Pesty: Hmm, no...
ML: Awww
- Pesty makes the nice museum attendant very sad

Yeah, because eating an egg that comes from a rabbit makes it THAT much more appetizing - MrColossal on Cadbury Creme Eggs