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Disco video: 200, dead or alive! / AGA and Grundislav are a little too competitive
Disco video: AGA tries the swing-set rings
Disco video: Pesty vs. Lumber/P.S.- She's a d00d
Disco video: Grundislav enjoys (?) a shot of maple syrup
Disco video: Grundislav on 500 and his willingness to forego personal maintenance
Disco video: Pesty and Kevin's barehanded puppetry
Disco video: Disco spinny dances at the Science Centre
Disco video: AGA would make a terrible feline
Disco video: Erin doesn't do "ghetto"
Grundislav video: Clumsy Fop!
Grundislav video: AGA plays "Chubby Bunny"
Grundislav video: Blame Canada!
Grundislav video: Visiting Niagara Falls
MattGoble panoramic photo: The front of the cabin
MattGoble panoramic photo: Goderich Main Square
MattGoble panoramic photo: Niagara Falls
MattGoble panoramic photo: Niagara Falls 2
MattGoble panoramic photo: Playing on the Beach