Mods: I kissed 7 people tonight!
Magintz: Were they all male?
Mods: Yes...
Magintz: Was one of them CJ?
Mods: Yes

Clench your anus! - Farlander

Didn't that happen during the crustacean period? - CJ

Petteri: Hello!
CJ: Hello, I'm Chris.
Petteri: ...I'm Petteri.
CJ: Oh! Petteri! You've changed your style!

What's a lemur? Is that some kind of fruit? - CJ

Magintz: Two guys walk into a Bar... Celona
CJ: What's a Celona?

Peñíscola - name of a small Spanish town the CJ car stopped off at

Would you like to see Sticky Vicky after the lesbian show??? - girl on street trying to entice a group of AGSers

STICKY VICKY!!!!!111!!! - Mods, about 20 times

More beer more beer more beer more beer, more beer more beer more beer more beeaahhr... - Layabout (to the Blackadder theme tune)

What's that expression again? Merde on a plane? - CJ, not realising 'merde' means 'shit'

I've never had an orange. - DarkStalkey

CJ: What's the word in Spanish for competence?
Grundislav: There isn't one

Angry Man: FUCK YOU!!!!

You can't blame me, I was only 18 at the time... - Disco, after telling a story about how he and his sister almost asphyxiated themselves in a dog kennel they converted into a sauna

The 80s were so much nicer. I remember when George Michael was a singer and not a gay - CJ

When I was 16 I used to freeze my piss and use it as a hockey puck - Disco

How did my pants get over here??? - Layabout