You could slash its throat at the point of orgasm - scotch

It's the Greek WAY - Helm

I like you, I just hate what you represent - CJ

Oh, you mean Fagman as in, cigarette - Grundislav

I like my penis very small - 2ma2

Hey, AGA! - Goldmund to Disco

I ate lots of drink - Custard

Is it on your side of the fence? - Helm

TELL ME! - AGA (drunk)

How DARE you! - Christopher Walken

Don't take my picture! It captures my soul! - Trinket seller

I always thought six inches was smaller than that - Dark Stalkey

I'd prefer not to serve you - Old pizza place woman

I hit a child! - Disco

I rock out on my laptop - Dark Stalkey

I sense owls in the swamp - Andail

If you see wood, GRAB IT - everyone

Now it looks like semen! - Nachos, on how ouzo mixes with water

If I was a female frog I'd be all over you in a second - CJ (to Andail)

Use peg on peg - Grundislav

Ken, I really can't open my tent - AGA (drunk)

I'm going to make pee-pee - Farlander, aiming in Dark Stalkey's direction

Are you taking your clothes off??! - CJ, as AGA exits sleeping bag

Jumping jiggawatts! - Christopher Lloyd

You people scare me! - CJ

Excellent - CJ

Is it the Acropolis? Or the Poppadopolos? - CJ

Is Belize where the Fresh Prince was set? - CJ

If I thought before I spoke, I'd never say anything - CJ

Apparently you can get herpes for 4 - Scotch

Reality in Athens! - Greek bystander in airport, seeing us all in sleeping bags

You all play like a bunch of drunk babies - Andail

'My mom caught me masturbating - Grundislav